Friday, August 24, 2012

The Cheesecake Factory finally opens in Dubai!

When I first read that the cheesecake factory was opening in Dubai I went nuts! I have heard so much about this place, how great the interior, cheesecakes and food is there.

I was invited to the opening along with my fellow food bloggers from Fooderati Arabia, and I must say, I was blown away by the interior. The location is perfect (opposite the aquarium in The Dubai Mall) all the way in to The Gold Souq.

We were served sample sizes of some selected items from their 250+ menu.
- Avocado eggrolls
- Tex mex eggrolls
- Cheese pizza
- Tomato, basil and cheese pizza
- Crispy crab bites
- Herb crusted filet of Salmon
Chicken Madeira with mushrooms

Bang-bang chicken

Ahi tartre

Crispy crab wontons

Chinese chicken salad

mini burgers
The original portion sizes are huge, I recommend that you go with a group of people so you can have a bite of everything. My personal favorites were both kinds of eggrolls, crispy crab bites, the ahi tartre and the pizzas.

As for the cheesecakes, they have over 30 kinds all shipped from the United States.

We were served the Original, Oreo Dream extreme, Hershey's Chocolate bar cheesecake and Lemon Raspberry Cream Cheesecake and White chocolate Raspberry truffle (which I loved!).

Lemon Raspberry cream cheesecake and White chocolate truffle cheesecake

Original cheesecake with fresh strawberries

Hershey's chocolate bar cheesecake

Oreo dream extreme cheesecake


  1. Wonderful photographs, Maryam. You really captured the food & the ambiance of the place. Well done.

  2. 30 kinds of cheese-cakes! =O omg !
    and i only know one ! haaha

  3. Your Photography made me wanna go there right now!
    Cant wait to visit this place

  4. Really good photos Maryam!! Best photo review of Cheesecake factory I've seen so far ;)

  5. Lovely post Maryam :)

    I went to a Cheesecake Factory last week in Chicago and was saddened that they took the original Oreo cheesecake off the menu. I think I did one of those *shakes fist in the air* moments while declaring never to go back - LOL.

  6. Outstanding post maryam ,,
    Thanks for all the great work . I have always admired your blog and your work ..